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I started using cloth nappies when my son was 10 weeks old and quickly fell in love with them; the fun prints, the cute bum, knowing less disposables will go to landfill are great aspects, even washing them hasn’t deterred my enthusiasm.

Now my boy is a big boy who weighed just shy of 28lb by 9 months old and I could see him rapidly outgrowing these beautiful nappies. When I looked at the next size up I found there was much more limited choice available, they are more expensive and seem to rarely come up for sale second hand. There are a handful of places you can hire bigger nappies but they are few and far between and even less that post. If you want to try new or excellent condition ones you are completely out of luck.

This has inspired me to start up a business hiring out both brand new and excellent condition second hand nappies for those that weigh between 35-70lbs. The used nappies will be sanitised to a high standard so you can hire nappies without any fear of bacteria, ammonia or the resulting stains or smells.

The goal is to have both full time and night nappy kits available for hire in both 35-45lb and 40-70lbs weight ranges to support older children who still require nappies. Kits will be available to hire from September 2019.


  • Dorchester, England, United Kingdom


The deposit secures the hire, final payment is due prior to hire kit being sent out. Payment is through paypal.

We post to any location within the UK.

Of the available nappies you can state if there is a particular brand you are interested in but not a specific pattern or colour. There will be a variety of colours and patterns which are unisex in design.

A variety of brands are included in the kits to try and ensure there are some that will suit your child. Kits will be split into 2 weight ranges, 30-45lbs and 40-70lbs, we recommend getting an accurate weight before hire so you know which kit will be better suited. We may be able to exchange some nappies after you receive the hire kits for the size up or down, subject to you paying for postage and availability.

It can take a bit of time to figure out specific brands and nappy styles and how they fit your child's shape and size. Get in touch and we will try and help you sort out any leak or fit issues.

Yes, subject to availability you can extend for £5 per week, payable 4 weeks at a time. It is best to arrange contact us as soon as possible to avoid disappointment. 

All nappies, wipes and reusable accessories will be stripped of mineral build up and sanitised to extremely high standards, ensuring any bacteria, virus or fungi are fully removed as per Health and Safety Executive (HSE) guidelines.

Stripping involves a long wash or soak with detergent and a laundry booster, this ensures any minerals, soiling and stains are removed. This is followed by sanitisation.

Depending on the fabric, sanitisation will either be by heat treatment or soaked in hypochlorite for 30 minutes to breakdown ammonia and kill pathogens.

The strip and sanitisation process will be finished with a long 3 hour 60 degree wash with detergent to ensure all products used are washed out and completely safe to use.

After this process all nappies will be assessed for wear and tear, any nappies that do not remain in excellent condition will be disposed of or sold on ensuring only excellent quality nappies remain to hire.

Clean Cloth Nappies strip and sanitise guidlines followed to ensure efficacy of clean:

As soon as you receive the kit.

Let us know as soon as possible and we will try to help you trouble shoot your wash routine to prevent the stains happening in the first place and give you tips to remove the staining in place.

Yes! Please use a fleece/silk/disposable liner with an zinc based cream as they can stain, however any cream can be used and will wash out as long as you use a full dose of detergent, warm (40)-hot (60) washing and ensure optimal loading for good agitation.

Yes, subject to availability you can buy the nappies you like from the hire kit for up to 25% off rrp. 

  • Items advertised as Brand New items will always be new, unused and unwashed. Buckets will be sanitised and reused. Sanitised packs will sometimes contain brand new items which need to be prepped by washing. 
  • Excellent Condition Used Nappies will arrive with no damage; good elastics, intact waterproofing, sticky velcro, no stains or smells. Nappies may have light bobbling, gentle wear to velcro or light dye transfer. Nappies have been striped and sanitised to extremely high standards.
  • Contents of your pack will be the same as advertised at the time of booking, if anything is to change in this kit we will inform you prior to posting.
  • All kits will contain bright colours and some prints, all of which unisex. We can not guarantee which prints or colours you will get. Kit photos are an example of what your kit may look like.
  • A courier will be used to deliver the hire kit, a signature will be required.
  • If a kit is currently available, we will aim to get it to you within 7 working days of purchase, any delays will be communicated.
  • We will need your home address, not business or PO box, you will be notified of the tracking number by email once shipped.
  • Hire period will start from when you receive the hire pack.
  • You can extend the hire for £5 per week, payable 4 weeks at a time. Just get in contact to discuss your request
  • On return, proof of postage must be dated the pre arranged end date or before.
  • You will need to organise shipping back to us, you can use any company but this must be tracked post, as the parcel is your responsibility until it is returned to us. If you live in or near West Dorset, you can drop them off.
  • If the postmark on the package reads more than 24 hours after the pre agreed end date, you may be charged £5 per late day until the items are returned. If the hire pack is returned late due to the fault of the courier company, you will not be charged. 

By paying your deposit, you are agreeing to our terms and conditions of hire including:
  • Washing used nappies at least every 3 days (can be extended as long as a 60 degree daily prewash cycle is done)
  • Not to use fabric softeners on the nappies (2 in 1 detergents are fine though)
  • Not to wash nappies with any dark coloured clothing items
  • Not to wash nappies over 60 degrees
  • Keep your home smoke free during hire
  • Inform us of any lost or damaged items as soon as possible
  • Your deposit is refundable at the end of your hire period given that your kit is returned on-time, in full, and is in 'good condition’.
  • Any part of the hire kit returned badly damaged or missing, full retail price will be deducted

  • If you change your mind after booking but before the pack is sent out, you will be eligible for a refund less £10 for processing costs.
  • If you change your mind at any time after the nappies are sent out, but before you use them; deposit will be refunded upon return of the pack. We will retain £20 of hire fee for time and processing costs, decrease in value of the items and loss of business. We will also retain £10 per week that you have had the hire pack. 
  • If you need more absorbency we can send more boosters for £1.50 postage.
  • If you find any nappy you have received is not in excellent condition, contact us and we will replace the item once we have received the original back.  
  • If you have used the nappies, and then decide you don't want to use them anymore, we will not be able to refund the hire price, as the nappies are now in used condition and require deep cleaning and sanitising . But please talk to us about your issues, as we can often help.

  • All items must be clean and properly dry before return. 
  • Please remove fluff, hair and lint from Velcro.
  • Some light staining is normal and will not affect your deposit being refunded
  • Excessive staining, especially dye transfer or things other then poo, strong smells, or unwashed nappies will result in some or all of your deposit being retained by us for the purpose of extra laundering/ nappy replacement.
  • If one or more nappies are not returned or are damaged due to ill treatment, you will be charged the full retail value for replacement
  • If the deposit is not enough to cover damage or missing items, you will be sent an invoice which must be paid within one week. 
  • Terms and conditions are updated regularly and subject to change

  • New nappies and accessories will require at least one long wash with detergent, to increase absorbency and remove factory residue. It would be best to wash night nappies and boosters at least 2-3 times before use as they require optimal absorbency to last 12+ hours at night. You do not need to dry them between washes.
  • Sanitised nappies will be ready to use, if you have any particular skin sensitivities or allergies you may wish to wash the nappies in your own detergent prior to use.

  1. Start with a clean washing machine, follow manufacturer guidelines, or if you can not locate these then in an empty machine; run a 90 degree wash, use a washing machine cleaner following their instructions or 1/4 cup thin bleach on a 1-2 hour long wash.
  2. Night nappies will require a hot handwash with detergent each morning to minimise build up of ammonia. Alternatively you can do a daily 60 degree prewash with 1/2 dose of detergent each morning with the night nappy and previous days nappies.
  3. Every nappy, wrap and booster should go through one pre and one main wash. 
  4. Prewash is a short separate wash every 1-2 days, using 1/2 dose detergent, at a minimum of 30 degrees Celsius for around 30-60 minutes (NOT a rinse or prewash setting). This is designed to significantly reduce the heavy soiling levels. A laundry booster such as Vanish, Mio Fresh or Oxy can be added to the prewash to assist stain removal or boost a weaker eco/sensitive detergent. Add nappies to dry pail until the main wash.
  5. Main wash every 2-4 days, using full dose of detergent for water hardness, machine size and heavy soiling. This wash is designed to provide a deep clean. Aim for main wash to be 2-3 hours long at 40-60 degrees. Ensure machine is loosely full when dry for optimal loading; you can add any items smaller then a 70cm terry square to bulk- tea towels, muslins, bibs, baby clothes, small children's clothes, underwear etc.
  6. Do NOT use Ecover, Soap nuts, Eco eggs, Violets, Rockin Green (except platinum) or Bambino Mio detergents, they are weak, ineffective detergents on the most heavily soiled items you are going to ever wash. 
  7. With the above exceptions you can use any detergent you use for normal washing, bio or non bio, fragranced or fragrance free. Bare in mind eco detergents may need up to double the recommended dose and both eco and sensitive require 60 degree washes to compensate for their weaker formula.

Wash instructions as per Clean Cloth Nappy recommendations:
  • No NOT wetpail
  • Ideally store nappies in an open airy basket, the more airflow to the nappies the less they will smell
  • If this is not possible then a wetbag or bucket will do, however to minimise ammonia formation and smells this would be best teamed with a daily prewash.
  • If you are not doing the mainwash on the same day as the short separate prewash then put nappies back into the dry pail until ready to wash. This can either be a separate dry pail for prewashed nappies or separate the dirty from the prewashed with a muslin/teatowel/terry square for ease of use.
  • Do NOT use essential oils either as part of washing or storing nappies or wipes.

  • For longevity and to reduce electricity use it is best to hang nappies to dry
  • However you can tumble dry all fitted nappies, boosters and liners on a low heat
  • Do NOT tumble dry PUL - waterproofing
  • Do NOT hang nappies directly on radiators, though they can be placed on an airer infront of a radiator
  • If you want to speed up nappies drying and you can not dry nappies outdoors or do not have a tumble dryer, pointing a fan or dehumidifier towards the nappies can help
  • Natural fibers will feel rough after time, tumble drying - even for 15 mins can significantly help softent hem up, alternatively give them a good scrunch/rub together to loosen the fibres

The Brands

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Size 3 Little Lamb pocket nappies, bamboo nappy and wraps fit children from 35lbs.

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Ellas House

XL hemp Bumslenders and Bumhuggers fit children from 35lbs.

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XL Superwetter, all in one and pocket nappies to fit children weighing 30-45lbs XXL Nappies to fit from 45-65lbs

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Imagine Baby

XL pocket nappy to fit children weighing 35-70lbs

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XL Thirsties duo wraps to fit children weighing 40-60+ lbs

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XL Rikki wraps fit children from 35-45lbs

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Bumgenius BIG pocket nappy to fit children weighing 35-70lbs

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Size 4 bamboo prefolds – 16.5 x 20 inch, 4x8x4 ply

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